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Ibiza Rendezvous 2015

 After being celebrated by the first time last year, this prestigious regatta  of superyachtss called Rendezvous  2015 comes backs  to Ibiza.
This regatta is brought by the founder of The Superyacht Cup, the first and biggest competition  in this kind of boats.
He wants to come since he has got keen  desire to explore Ibiza picturesque coast and clear and turquoise water.
Ibiza Rendezvous 2015  is divided into different levels of competition: superyachts, yachts, and motor yachts. During the daytime, there will be regatta and at night, there will be shore events  from the twilight till night.
Ondine , an association to preserve and improve the marine ecosystems in the Balearics Islands, will be the sponsor.
It will take place from the 7th till the 10th October, an ideal date because   the sea is calmed then. Besides, it’s the same time as night clubs close down.

The best way of finishing the summer!!

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