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Ibiza Sun

Ibiza Sun

Montag, 09 April 2018 15:45



Travel to paradise!

Take advantage of our special pack that includes two tickets to Formentera reserving a minimum stay of 5 nights.

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Montag, 09 April 2018 15:02


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Mittwoch, 20 September 2017 16:05

3D Tour at the Ibiza Sun Apartments

We already know that these days, technology plays a fundamental role in every aspect of life, and also that it is constantly evolving at a dizzying pace, changing and presenting new developments unprecedented in the history of mankind.

At Ibiza Sun Apartments, we do our best to provide the highest possible standard of service to our customers, and we do not want to be left behind where technology is concerned. This is why, as part of our constant efforts to improve, we are proud to announce that the latest development in hotel technology has arrived on our web site, offering our customers a revolutionary new service. The new technology means that now our customers can look around Ibiza Sun Apartments without stepping outside their own homes: to be precise, we are talking about the ability to take a 3D tour of the hotel’s facilities. So, all those who have yet to visit us can now get to know us and get a little closer to the “Sun experience”, and those who have chosen to spend a relaxing holiday with us can once again take a stroll through the pool area or relax in our guest rooms in the lead up to their next stay.

What are you waiting for? Enter here, and enjoy the Sun experience. 

Donnerstag, 03 August 2017 12:26

Hï Ibiza: a new generation disco

In summer, Ibiza becomes the Mecca of electronic music, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations with thousands of followers of up and coming and well-established DJs alike, who find the white island the ideal place for experiencing and enjoying the electronic scene.

One of the big events of the 2017 season is the opening of Hï Ibiza, the new Ushuaïa Entertainment club in the electronic paradise of Playa d’en Bossa. This innovative project conceived by and for clubbers promises to offer unique, high quality experiences... we say promises, but from what we've seen so far this season, it’s delivering in spades.

The Hï is facing a huge challenge as it’s difficult to imagine anything else in what used to be the legendary Space. But, far from disappointing everyone, this new project has taken on the challenge and is exceeding audience expectations night after night. From the opening night on 28 May through to right now, Hï has been going strong and showing with each party that it's here to write its own history.

With an impressive refurbishment in what was the structure of the old Space, this innovative disco on Playa d’en Bossahas three main areas: the Club, with an intimate atmosphere and retro style lighting; the Theatre, the main dance floor where a unique and extraordinary spectacle of light, sound and images provides the ultimate audiovisual experience; plus the amazingly original terrace, the ideal place for taking time out from the dance floor and having a drink. Of course, Hï also has a few secret spots and corners, but to find them you’ll have to go and experience the disco for yourself...

Lastly, and as you might expect, the new Ushuaïa project has some big name residencies and explores the entire electronic music universe, from disco balls to the deepest underground scene, making every night different, unique and unforgettable

So now you know, if you come to Ibiza and you're a fan of the electro movement or you just want to dance till dawn, Hï is where it's happening this season.

Parties at Hï:

Mondays: Multiply Party by Martin Garrix.

Tuesdays: Eric Prydz – Deadmaus

Wednesdays: Armin Van Buuren.

Thursdays: In the dark.

Fridays: Glitterbox

Saturdays: Black Coffee

Sundays: Hï Sundays     

Donnerstag, 27 Juli 2017 13:03

Dj Wally López: curious in Ibiza

This summer, after 18 consecutive seasons of DJing and being part of the Ibiza scene, Wally López was honoured by the Ibiza Tourist Board as an ambassador for the island, an accolade that he says is ‘a great thrill.’ Ibiza Sun Apartments, the place chosen for him to rest prior to the ceremony, had the pleasure of welcoming him. He came through the door of the hotel and there he was, with a generous smile and wearing his trademark glasses, which, although a fashionable style today, and worn by many, still make him unique. I tentatively asked, ‘Could I do an interview with you?’, and without hesitation he replied, ‘Of course!’

Well known as a DJ, radio host, producer and Spanish entrepreneur, he is actually much more than all of that. He is also, and above all, an incurably curious person. At a very early age, thirteen to be precise, and driven by that curiosity to ‘see something and want to know how it was done,’ he began his journey along the music path. Wally, laughing, recounted the story: ‘I loved music and, one day, I took some vinyls and went along to a very bad radio station in Madrid, which was inside a church.’ A year later, he found himself at ‘the best radio station in the south of Madrid, which was inside a supermarket’ (more laughter) ... Since then, not only has his radio career been unstoppable, so has his love of taking music to unique places: after going from a church to a supermarket, he would later end up DJing for two summers in a row on a plane! – as part of the famous event, ‘I’m vueling to Ibiza’.

And just as he took music to unusual places, music took him around the world, to places that, he being of humble origins, he never imagined that he would ever have the opportunity of discovering. As a DJ, and an eternally curious person, what Wally most enjoys about his job is the possibility of travelling, getting to know places and continuing to travel. As he says, ‘the best thing that life has given to me is first my son, then travelling.’

Ibiza, the Mecca of electronic music during the summer, was one such destination that arrived in the life of this DJ through music. And it arrived for good, so much so that Wally says that the white island is ‘the place where I want to retire, where I want to see out my days.’ It may be surprising, but what Wally most enjoys about the island is not its nightlife and clubs, but ‘its laid-back atmosphere, family friendliness, tranquillity, local people, food, beaches... it’s just such a cool place to live.’ Visiting Cala Saladeta, savouring bullit de peix, the traditional fish stew of the island, in the summer or arròs de matança, a pork and rice dish, in the winter are some of the things that he most likes to do in Ibiza. But nothing compares to disappearing off to Formentera because ‘just sailing over to Formentera doesn’t take long but it’s still a journey’ – as he has such a curious spirit, even the shortest of trips are enjoyable.

And, to finish off, a curious fact about this inquisitive soul and his relationship with Ibiza: he says that the idea for his glasses ‘came from my curiosity and Ibiza.’ A while back, his friend, the DJ Erick Morillo, suggested that he find something distinctive to make him recognisable to Ibiza audiences year after year, and around the same time, Oakley suggested that he co-design some T-shirts. Driven by his restless mind, he rejected the T-shirts idea and, instead, came up with the idea of ‘glasses that nobody would ever want to wear’, and they could also become his trademark... The rest, as they say, is history.

Montag, 08 Mai 2017 11:48

Jump to the past

The Medieval Fair of Ibiza, a fun and cultural event that every year brings together more than 100,000 visitors during the three days of the party, this year the days are from 6 to 8 May. The streets of Dalt Vila become a large open air theater populated by minstrels, birdwatchers, artisans, goldsmiths, spice merchants, dancers or chocolate makers, who make Dalt Vila a vibrant show and a fascinating mix of Colors, smells and flavors from several continents.
medievel 2
In this context, the extraordinary beauty of the Wall of Ibiza and the entire fortified area, considered by UNESCO as the best preserved acropolis of the Mediterranean, stands out in particular. Its impressive accesses and ramparts welcome visitors and become the scene of concerts, performances and a wide program of events that will be held throughout the weekend, from morning to night. Children and adults, tourists and residents, friends and families come to this appointment in a timely manner in which everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a very cheerful atmosphere, where the good weather, the wonderful views of the sea and the port, as well as the music, always Accompany the celebration.
medieval 3
The tour of Dalt Vila during the Medieval Fair transports us to the past and reminds us that Ibiza has been able to integrate the legacy of very different cultures and at the same time keep alive the customs and traditions more ingrained. The Medieval Fair is a date with the history of the island and also a renewed bet for that festive, cosmopolitan and multicultural character that has become a sign of Ibiza's identity all over the world.
Mittwoch, 03 Mai 2017 11:02

CrossFit: the answer to perfect body

CrossFit is defined as a system of strength training and conditioning based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at a high intensity. This means that we use a lot of exercises and sports disciplines (gymnastics, weightlifting, running ...), from which we select techniques or movements applicable to daily life and combine them in many different ways in intense training, resulting not only A demanding experience during which playfulness and camaraderie play a key role, but also an unsurpassable program to develop the ten general physical abilities: cardiovascular endurance, energy endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision.
progressive fitness crossfit 18 200x300
Thanks to its tremendous effectiveness as a fitness system, CrossFit was originally chosen by numerous military academies, police forces, martial artists and hundreds of elite athletes worldwide as a standard strength training and conditioning program.
However, today, CrossFit has become popular in all sectors of the population. Being a program designed to be easily adaptable makes it the perfect training system for anyone with motivation, regardless of age, sex, ability or previous experience. One of the great wonders of the CrossFit is that during its practice, the same training can be performed simultaneously by an elderly person with cardiovascular problems or reduced mobility and a firefighter in an optimal state. The key is to work on levels of intensity relative to each individual, being able to adapt loads, times, distances ... to maintain the stimuli without modifying the program. 
During your holidays you can take the opportunity to try for free one session. In Ibiza several clubs offer this chance, don't lose it! IslaBlancaCrossfit + CrossfitMAG 
Montag, 01 Mai 2017 17:41

Discover Cala Conta Beach

Take the road from Sant Josep towards San Antoni and on your left, about 300 metres after the Sant Agustí crossroads you will come to a road that leads to Playas de Comte.Road access is simple following the signs and detours, or by bus which bus stop is at 50 metres from the beach. Its crystal clear waters together with a low slope and sandy ground make this beach a crowded place during summer. Wonderful and magnificent spot that is part of the protected natural area of sa Conillera that extends from Port dés Torrent to Cala Tarida. 

cala conta1 
Is the best place to spend the second part of the day as there the best place to assist at the famous Ibiza's sunset.
ashram cala comte
Visit the Ashram, susn set bar above the beach, to listen amazing sound during the show that only the nature can offer.
Fix your look toward the horizon and dreams..... 
Freitag, 28 April 2017 12:04

Shops to chic gifts

Ibiza has some great shopping opportunities where you can pick up items that you won't find at home. Whether you are looking to boost your holiday wardrobe or buy some gifts, the White Isle has it all. Shopping in Ibiza is not about huge shopping malls. It is more about looking around local stores and small shops to find the real treasures. You will find everything from hand made jewellery, to floaty kaftans, trendy swim shorts, designer ornaments and always, a bit of the unexpected.The shops have their own authentic identity that is the best point of value for the sussess of your gift.

DSC 10892 1025x680

SLUIZ It's more of an experience than a shop. Pass the field of blue and white cows to park up at your labelled parking space. Inside, you will find 6000 square metres of temptation. With its own clothing line, cushions and home furnishings in every colour of the rainbow you will be find lots of choice. Eccentric ornaments for home and garden seem to be everywhere.Giant artificial apes hang above you as you browse the coffee table books and drool at the goodies in the delicatessen. You won't want to leave without a pit stop in the garden bar. Select from fresh salads, impressive burgers and even homely fish and chipsAs well as a great shopping experience, you should also keep a look out for the events. It's an incredible space where you can catch wine festivals, food markets and live music.

17882349 417544041936512 1629197042309922816 n

NATURA set in the lovely square of Plaza del Parque in Ibiza Town is actually part of a Spanish chain. It has the feel of an independent though with its carefully selected products. Clothing, jewellery, accessories, body care, candles and books are all available and much more too.It's a great place to pick up presents for the family back home. The hippie feel of the jewellery is very in tune with the whole Ibiza vibe. There is even cookware so you can take a bit of your hols back to your own kitchen. A real treasure trove of unique goodies. 

winter open es cucons 1

Santa Gertrudis offer ES COCONS. Set in an old Ibizan house, there is a maze of rooms displaying perfumes, pottery and pictures. It is connected to the rural boutique hotel of the same name which is renowned for its beautiful design.Casual, Ibiza-style clothing for men, women and children will get you in tune with the White Isle look. The roomy straw bags decorated with stars and peace symbols are ideal for stashing all your beach goodies.

To find more informations: CoolShoppingIbiza

Montag, 24 April 2017 11:50

Ibiza Local Food

The Bullit de Peix is a typical dish of Ibiza and Formentera’s cuisine. Formerly this recipe was meant for smaller fish, whitebait type (“serrano”, “vacas”, “araña”,etc), where the main thing was to get the flavor out of this fish to impregnate into the cooked potatoes and especially into the rice. Today all the attention is focused on the fish quality, using the best product of our waters such as grouper, “gallo de San Pedro”, monkfish, “rotja”, etc.

It’s a very typical and ancient dish, so there are small details that each chef brings, to convert some establishments on the island in authentic references of Bullit de Peix. 



For Bullit:

  • 800 gr / 1 kg of fish ( “rotja”, grouper, “gallo San Pedro”, pate, monkfish, fish of the day as we find in the market)
  • 2 sea anemones
  • 1 crab
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 4 potatoes
  • A pinch of saffron strands
  • Salt
  • virgin olive oil
  • 2 bay leaves
  • White wine
  • Parsley
  • Fumet made ​​with rockfish: whitebait  
  • For Ali Oli:

    • 2 cloves garlic
    • Salt
    • mild olive oil

    For Rice a banda:

    • 80/100 grams of rice per person
    • 1 cuttlefish uncleaned
    • 1 tomato
    • minced garlic and parsley

arroz a banda

    • STEPS TO DO:

      Let´s start with the preparation of fish, cut into pieces and salt it.

      Prepare vegetables for stir-fry, cutting them into small pieces, and remember it is important to peel tomatoes before use. At the same time (if you have an expert assistant) you can be preparing the Ali Oli. Garlic cloves are crushed with a pinch of salt in a mortar and when finely chopped, stir vigorously while pouring the oil. Trying to do the Ali Oli this way (the original) is a challenge for beginners, but is the only way to achieve the authentic accompaniment.

      For the Bullit, in a large pot place the vegetables, potatoes cut into wedges, anemones and crab cut into several pieces, bay leaves and soaté. When the pot has liquid on it, add a dash of white wine and put the saffron. Finish with the fish broth that must be previously prepared. Rectify salt and then let’s incorporate the fish according to their degree of hardness. It is important to be controlling and never boil over high heat. When potatoes are almost cooked, lower hardness fish is incorporated, for lower cooking.Add between 80/100 grams of rice per person, stir-fry the rice so that oils get impregnated, now add a chopped garlic and parsley and after add the Bullit fish broth. Rice is distributed throughout the pan, salt to taste, and do NOT touch it again. Check the doneness of rice, and remember to let it rest a few minutes.Serve the rice after Bullit of Peix. We recommend placing the pan in the middle of the table and eat directly from it, a very Ibizan experience. Find more information at Ibiza Foodie

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