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My name is Lorena, I was born in Venezuela, from very early on I was interested in the human being, therapies and personal growth.

Why you decided to focus on the osteopathy?

When I was 11 years old I fell off a horse and my sacrum was broken in 7 part. With the traditional medicine I didn’t have a good prognosis, and they told us I couldn’t walk anymore. At that very moment without knowing about the ostepathy, a traditional healer, not only helped me to leave the wheelchair and walk again, he helped me also with my emotional growth. Since then, I’m fascinated by the idea of helping other people.

How do you help other people through the osteopathy?

The osteopathy is for me the most complete manual technique, because it treats different body systems: The skeletal muscle, with the cranio-sacral base and the organ system, which send orders to all the others.

Your speciality is the pediatric osteopathy. Why a baby or a child need the therapy?

What we do with it is to accompany natural processes and at the same time they are important changes for the  human development. The best thing is that the babies and children answer very fast in each teraphy. With only one only teraphy with the babys I obtain more results than in 4 with adults.

Which are the frequent reasons  that the patients go to visit you?

After serveral years working in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza, I have watched a lot of pathologies. Nowadays  due to the accelerated life, the stress and the unhealthy food… We have a lot of symptoms which they aren´t the problem, the osteopathy search the real reason  to treat it, from people with pain, insomnia, anxiety, digestive problems, migraine to joint pains.

That´s why I encourage everybody to  try one season of this technique  with a lot of benefits for the organism

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