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Montag, 10 August 2015 10:43

10 curiosities about Thai cuisine

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What do you know about Thai Cuisine?

We show 10 curiosities about it so that you know about the costumes and traditions of this wonderful cultura.

1. Meat, fish , leafy vegetables and vegetables are side dishes. Rice is the main ingredient. Thailand is the main exporter of rice in the world. It has got more than 50 varieties plus seven distinct flavours, from jasmine rice (the most valued) to the famous glutinous rice.

2. Drinks: due to the high temperatures in  Thailand, Thai people are big beer drinkers .They drink beer while grabbing a bite .Men usually like the local whisky “ Mekong” too.”Mekong “ is distilled from rice  or  ferment sugar cane, with a very strong flavour.

3. Fruit: Durián is the “king of fruits” in Thailand. Westerners  don’t like it because of its sickening smell.However, Thai appreciate their strong taste.

4. Table Manners: Only during breakfast, you must use chopsticks.In the other meals, spoons and forks are employed. You push the food with the fork, on the left hand, towards the spoon, on the right hand.Nevertheless,  glutinous rice is taken with the hands.

5. In Thai,  Kin Kao is utilized to express to eat.  It means  Eat rice.En Pai Kin Kao means  go to eat

6. Fresh herbs are used while preparing the foodstuff , since they increase the aroma.

7. Unlike India, curry is made from  a pastry done in a mortar with fresh ingredients. At the wok,they next soak the pastry with coconut milk and is cooked together with chicken, pork, vegetables or fish.

8. Thail enjoy eating all time and anywhere. This, there are thousands of food stands in the streets everywhere in Bagkok. Wherever you go, you will see someone selling food near you.

9. Around 90% of the population is buddist. This religion preaches  to live in tune  with nature. This is expressed in their vegetarian dishes, who main protagonists are leafy vegetables and vegetables produce locally.

10. It mixes four fundamental flavours:

          •  Sweet (sugar, fruit, sweet pepper)

          •  Spicy (chilly)

          •  bitter (vinegar, lime juice, tamarind)

          •  Salty (soy sauce, fish sauce)

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