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Montag, 06 November 2023 09:09

Interview with Wally López: "Being able to see myself as a top DJ has been thanks to Ibiza"

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Wally López Wally López Ibiza Sun Apartments

What was your initial inspiration to get into electronic music and become a DJ and producer and how would you describe your current musical style?
Actually electronic music came to me for other reasons, mainly the radio world that has always attracted me.

Curiosity led me to play in clubs the music that was played on the radio and then to produce it. And I wouldn't know what style to tell you... I like to play quality music... as I always say: if it's cool, it's cool!

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
I have had several, but the most important one is now, the last 8 or 9 years I have been focused on radio and family and the whole industry has changed a lot.

Since the confinement I've got the urge to do something top notch again and I feel very comfortable with what I'm doing... it's slow going but it's definitely the biggest challenge I've ever had.

How do you think electronic music connects with audiences from different parts of the world and why Ibiza has been one of its venues?
Possibly because electronic music has always been the dance music par excellence, where wherever you are from and however you dress you can dance however you feel like dancing to electronic beats... and Ibiza has always been an island of freedom... where better?

What has been the role of Ibiza in your career?
My career has had several different levels, but the leap from being a known producer to being able to see myself as a top DJ has been thanks to Ibiza and the showcase it has always been.

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Do you have any particular project or event that has allowed you to express yourself in a unique or special way? And besides DJing, what other artistic facets can you tell us about?
TRUST WALLY, is the brand where I am 100% me, with old songs reversioned, with songs made ad hoc for the party...I have only done one in Madrid and it was a success!!!! I hope to be able to bring it to Ibiza one day.

And I like to express myself in many ways: on the radio, producing and also with marketing campaigns for brands (which is one of my facets).

How do you balance your personal and professional life?
Being practical, I like to enjoy life, and that's where my family and my work come in... they come with me many times... other times I leave places without sleeping to get home and be with my family....

I would like to be in the videos that go viral in villas but.... I have a family! hehe afters are not for me.

What has been the most impressive response you have received from a fan or follower of your music?
Well I've always received a lot of love, but look, the other day I went out for a drink in Madrid and a person stopped me and said: THANK YOU FOR GIVING US YOUR TALENT, YOU ARE MUSIC, THE MUSIC COMES FROM YOU AND THIS MUST BE RECOGNIZED!!!

What do you enjoy most about your work as a DJ and producer, and what motivates you to continue creating music and performing in the world?
Well, what I like the most is traveling and meeting people, I love to be able to have dinner with super different people in any city in the world.

And right now my main motivation is that I know I owe myself one more and I'm working hard to achieve it so that my children can one day be very proud of their father.

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