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Tell us what you like and we’ll find your match in Ibiza

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What's your Ibiza? What's your Ibiza? Pixabay

There’s not only one Ibiza. There’s an Ibiza for families, another for clubbers, couples, adventurers, ramblers, environmentalists, groups of friends, intellectuals, rock fans, foodies... This is why it’s so important to know the type of holidays you like to be able to live the Ibiza that best matches your interests and tastes. Ibiza Sun Apartments wants to help you find out which island is your best match with this curious personality test. At the end of it, you’ll find your way to Ibiza...

Tell me what you like...

1. On holidays, you Iike to wake up...

  • A. Early, I want to make the most of the day. (Or whenever the kids decide).
  • B. When my body feels like it. No hurries but not too late either.
  • C. When I can open my eyes without fear of the light. Late, that I can tell you.
  • D. With music by a good rock band or Indie music.

2. You think the beach is...

  • A. A wonderful place to practice water activities, play beach-tennis paddles and build sandcastles.
  • B. A great place to take a nap, recover from all the partying and meet cool people.
  • C. The best place to forget about routines while I read a book in between swims.
  • D. The embodiment of summer, beers and great chats with friends.

s ibiza quizz beachDo you like to take a nap in the beach? © Free Photos / Pixabay

3. The countryside during your holidays...

  • A. Is great at night, when you fancy dinner in the garden of a romantic restaurant.
  • B. Is perfect to go for walks and ride a bike, learn about local culture, go horse riding or for a family outing to a farm.
  • C. The countryside? Do they throw parties there?
  • D. A good set of roads and landscapes to explore on a motorbike.

4. On Spotify, your favourite playlists sound like...

  • A. Pure energy. The best music to get your mind and body going.
  • B. I’ve lost track of my playlists since the kids took over my account.
  • C. Mostly Spanish music and today's greatest hits.
  • D. Jazz, rock, indie, R&B, funky, disco, soul, pop… But no reggaetton, trap or electronic music.

s ibiza couple sunset Cap BlancAre you travelling with your couple? © NC / ISA

5. You’ll be travelling to Ibiza with...

  • A. My family.
  • B. My partner.
  • C. My besties.
  • D. Whoever wants to join the endless partying.

6. When you travel you like to eat...

  • A. At good, nice restaurants that are preferably cheap. And serve really cold beer.
  • B. At quality restaurants serving regional food that are popular among the locals.
  • C. At family-friendly beach bars and restaurants.
  • D. At lively places with lots of young people.

S playa bossa poolAre you a pool person? © Ibiza Sun Apartments

7. You like hotels...

  • A. That are right in the middle of the clubbing scene or at least near it.
  • B. That are comfortable and have a pool, a convenient location and rooms with a kitchen.
  • C. Quiet, with character and far away in the countryside.
  • D. Modern, comfortable, with breakfast included and a stone’s throw away from all the activities, bars and visits.

8. In the summer you're looking for...

  • A. A convenient beach with all the services and a range of water activities.
  • B. Remote beaches to get away from the world.
  • C. A lively beach with your usual beach bar.
  • D. Any beach is good if there are young people in the mood for fun.

s ibiza october plans beachesWhat kind of beach do you like the most? © NC / ISA

9. You’ll be packing...

  • A. Sports gear, sunglasses and swimwear, that’s for sure.
  • B. Clothes for the morning, afternoon and evening. You can’t wear the same outfit to a beach bar and a romantic restaurant.
  • C. I don’t know yet, but I won’t be forgetting my chanclas.
  • D. Well, to start with, loads of kids clothes.

10. In Ibiza you expect to...

  • A. Make the most of the entire clubbing scene on the island.
  • B. Rest and explore one of the most famous Mediterranean islands with my partner.
  • C. Enjoy fun holidays with my family at the seaside.
  • D. Have an extremely active holiday!

s openings ibiza 2019 ushuaiaAre you a clubber? © Ushuaïa Ibiza

Results of the test

Add up the points given to each answer and read your profile depending on the result.

1: A-12; B-10; C-2;D-6 // 2: A-12; B-2; C-10; D-6 // 3: A-10; B-12; C-2; D-6 // 4: A-2; B-12; C-6; D-10 // 5: A-12; B-10; C-6; D-2 // 6: A-6; B-10; C-12; D-2 // 7: A-2; B-12; C-10; D-6 // 8. A-12; B-10; C-6; D-2 // 9. A-2; B-10; C-6; D-12 // 10. A-2; B-10; C-12; D-6

The most family-friendly and active Ibiza: 102 -120 points

If you're travelling with kids or you like to practice active tourism during your holidays, this is the Ibiza for you. You’ll find it in Ibiza’s beaches and coves that are suitable for kids and offer kayaks or stand up paddles for hire, in our family-friendly suites, in the loads of paths for walks or bike rides and in the huge range of leisure options on the island.

The most romantic and gourmet Ibiza: 82 - 100 points

Your answers tell us that you’re looking for holidays full of love, so don’t miss our post Forget about your friends and discover what to do in Ibiza as a couple. And if you’re looking for a very special restaurant to pop the question, ask at our front desk and we’ll help you find what you want. Note: you may have also got this result if you want to enjoy a quieter Ibiza and its culture and food.

s ibiza october plans kayakKayaking, hiking, diving, trekking, sailing... What is your thing? © Ibiza.travel

Ibiza with a Spanish flair: 52 - 80 points

If you want to get a proper feel of the country, you can also get to know Ibiza’s most Spanish side. A few examples? beach bars like El bigotes, Bar Flotante, Cuatro Latas, Cala Martina and Cala d´Hort, among others; bars with live music like Can Jordi, Teatro Ibiza and Racó Verd; fun parties like Glitterbox and Flower Power; bars on Ibiza’s harbour for the first drink…

Ibiza with a clubbing spirit: 20 - 50 points

If you’re looking for holidays buzzing with electronic music, Ibiza is your kind of paradise: Ushuaïa Ibiza, Hï Ibiza, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Cova Santa, DC10, Underground Ibiza, Octan Ibiza, Es Paradis… Ibiza Sun Apartments suites are right next to Ibiza’s clubbing scene but offer a relaxed atmosphere in an oasis of peace. The best for clubbers who also like to rest.

Main picture: Free Photos / Pixabay


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