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A tour of Ibiza for instagrammers

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A tour of Ibiza for instagrammers A tour of Ibiza for instagrammers Dimitris Vetsikas / Pixabay

The White Island is a truly photogenic place given its beautiful coves with crystal-clear waters, modern beach clubs, unique churches and pine-covered hills. If you like to recount you holidays through stories, don’t miss our tour of Ibiza for instagrammers and don’t forget to tag your experiences with #ibizasun.

Our tour of Ibiza for instagrammers

There’s more than one route through Ibiza if you’re looking to harvest hearts on your profile. There’s the route for all kinds of instagrammers: artists, clubbers, foodies, fashion buffs, trekkers and those who love to spend the day in the water. For this section we will propose the basic tour with the 15 most photogenic places in Ibiza. The rest is up to you...

The Instagram tour: from west to east

  1. Platges de Comte: the views from the Sunset Ahsram beach bar are spectacular all day long.
  1. Cala Bassa: its crystal-clear waters make it the perfect place for a picture of you swimming in a cove with incredible hues.
  1. Café del Mar and Café Mambo: the most popular sunset in Ibiza is waiting for you on the San Antonio promenade.
  1. Cala Saladeta: the heart-count soars when you post a picture of Cala Saladeta from the cliffs. What if this time you take the photo from the rocks on the far right end or against a background of fishing huts in Cala Salada?s instagram ibiza route beaches
  1. Sant Mateu: this simple church doesn’t make the lists of most photographed places in Ibiza, but it certainly should. Take the picture from Santa Agnés road and tag it as #silence and #peacefulIbiza
  1. Santa Gertrudis: this quaint village inland has many spots to post on Instagram, like the serrano ham sandwiches served at Bar Costa.
  1. Sluiz Concept Store: it’s one of the best places in Ibiza to spur on your imagination. But be warned, you’ll be itching to take a photo the very moment you park your car (that’s all we can say...).

The Instagram tour: from north to south

  1. The Posidonia Spa: the hydrotherapy circuit of the spa at the Hacienda Na Xamena hotel leaves instagrammers and their followers goggle-eyed.
  1. La Paloma: a charming restaurant in Sant Llorenç de Balàfia that is photogenic day and night. And the food is absolutely delicious.
  1. Puig de Missa: this excellent sample of a fortified church and the surrounding houses hide many photogenic spots.
  1. Dalt Vila: save some time to stroll through the oldest streets in the city of Ibiza and don’t be in a hurry to put your story up on Instagram: it will be hard to choose!s instagram ibiza route
  1. Ushuaïa Ibiza: the decor, atmosphere, dancers, lights... There’s loads to snap away at Ushuaïa Ibiza parties. And it's very close to Ibiza Sun Apartments!
  1. Nature Reserve of Ses Salines: the sunset on the salt flats, the church of San Francesc, the planes flying over Es Codolar, the waters of Ses Salines, the pine woods... Why not devote a whole story to this stunning spot in Ibiza?
  1. Cala d´Hort: the tour of Ibiza for instagrammers needs to include this cove with a view of Es Vedrà. You can take a snapshot of Ibiza’s most famous islet from the beach or from the nearby cliffs.
  1. Cala Llentia: this spot on the western coast of Ibiza, with its dolmens and its door with a view of Es Vedrà is the final stop on our circular tour of Ibiza for instagrammers.

One more?

On your tour of Ibiza for Instagram, don’t forget to include the swimming pool at Ibiza Sun Apartments, the most photogenic place at our suites in Playa d’en Bossa where you can show how you relax with a cocktail in your hand.

s instagram ibiza route hotel

3 tips to get the best photos and stories for your Instagram in Ibiza

  • Avoid midday

When the sun reaches its zenith, it’s not easy to look good as the sun will cast unflattering shadows over your face. It’s best to take them early morning or late afternoon. But if you need to instagram at midday, aim the lens at the sea, a paella, a cocktail or anything else that isn’t robbed of its allure by the unforgiving sun.

  • Choose original angles

To grab your followers’ attention, you need to show a different perspective. Don’t copy everyone else’s poses, models and attitudes if you don’t want your pics to go unnoticed. Dare to be original!

  • Follow an interesting storyline that matches the character of your profile.

If you usually talk about fashion, make your posts and stories show the most original proposals in fashion in Ibiza and don’t post about what you eat from morning to night. Or if you usually talk about your travels, show a quirky style in your storyline that will make you stand out from every other instagrammer showing their holidays in Ibiza.

s instagram ibiza route different

Main picture: © Dimitris Vetsikas / Pixabay


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