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Five classic Thai dishes to try in Ibiza Sun Apartments

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Ibiza Sun Apartments is a great fan of a healthy lifestyle and flavours that will take us far away. If this is your sort of thing too, make sure to come to the Sun Thai Ibiza restaurant where you will travel through one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Our Thai restaurant is in the relaxing swimming pool area at Ibiza Sun Apartments, in Playa d’en Bossa, and it only opens in the evenings for guests and visitors who wish to relish a special dinner with aromatic flavours.

The secret of Thai food

Thai recipes are expanding all over the world thanks to its balanced and seasoned blend of sweet, savoury, sour and tart flavours, and the added hot touch for those who like it. These are the basic flavours that our taste buds can tell apart and when combined well, make the classic Thai recipes burst with flavours in a very healthy cuisine. On the other hand, Thai food also stands out, as other Asian cuisines, for its balanced mix and proportion of vegetables with meat and fish, as well as the right balance between protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and fibre.

thai food ibiza playa d'en bossaThai food stands out for its balanced mix and proportion of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and fibre. © Ibiza Sun Apartments

Thai food on playa d’en Bossa beach

Among all the proposals on our Sun Thai menu, we would like to introduce five traditional Thai recipes that are the perfect sample of this mix of Thai flavours. The first three dishes we recommend you try are:

  • Laab Gai: delicious salad that brings together finely chopped chicken with mint leaves, lime juice and a truly Thai mix of herbs that complements the citric acid.
  • Koong Satay: a king prawn kebab that is prepared by dipping the tails in tasty red curry. This dish is completed with lime juice and the traditional peanut sauce, which produces the ideal blend of acid and sweet flavours that we mentioned above.

Pad thai food ibiza playa d'en bossaPad Thai, one of the most famous dishes of Thai cuisine. © Ibiza Sun Apartments

  • Pad Thai: you cannot leave a Thai restaurant without trying this famous dish where the main ingredient is the sautéed noodles accompanied by other ingredients. At Sun Thai Ibiza you will find the Pad Thai Kai and the Pad Thai Koon. In other words, sautéed noodles with vegetables and peanuts alongside chicken or prawns, depending on which you prefer. For vegetarians, Sun Thai also offers a delicious version swapping the prawns or chicken for tofu.

Thai curry in Ibiza Sun

Our two other recommendations are curries, which are the main dishes in Asian cuisine, and are bursting with powerful flavours but sufficiently light for a lively night in Ibiza. This time we would like to talk about the traditional Kaeng Khiao Waan Kai, a green curry with chicken or prawns and bamboo, coconut milk and herbs; and our recipe for Kaeng Massaman Nua -another classic Thai dish- that is sirloin steak prepared with a sauce of massaman curry, coconut milk, cashew nuts, potatoes and herbs. Is your mouth watering?

curry thai food ibiza playa d'en bossaBook your table and enjoy a tasty travel though Thai cuisine. © Ibiza Sun Apartments

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